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This article is about the Mistresses character April Malloy you may be looking for her British counterpart Trudi Malloy.

April Malloy
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April Malloy is main protagonist on Mistresses. She is a widow with a ten year old daughter attempting to rebuild her life after Paul's death

Background Edit

April is a recent widow. In an effort to rebuild her life and move forward, April opens a shop for home decorating. After she receives her late husband's lucrative life insurance check, she begins getting prank phone calls, and she tells her closest girlfriends that she's convinced her husband is still alive. April plans a date with one of her daughters' friends father. As she is getting ready, she receives another call from the prankist. She calls the date off thinking that her husband doesn't want her to go out. She then enlists Savannah to get a private investigator to track the calls. That leads her to a cheap motel where a woman answered saying she just got into town, that her son must have been prank dialing April's home. This mother then returns to April's home that night with an African American toddler, saying that before April's husband died she was pregnant.

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April is a good mother, and very kind. She is caring, but lets her emotions sometimes get the upper hand.

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A more complete gallery with pictures of April Malloy can be found here.

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