Daniel Zamora
Daniel Zamora
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Daniel Zamora

  • Sexy Smoldering (codename)


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  • Artist
  • FBI-agent (secretly, formerly)

FBI offices
Infiltrated in April's life


Special Agent Adam Thomas



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2, 3

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Daniel Zamora is a recurring character in Mistresses. He is an artist and April's boyfriend.

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Daniel is an Artist whose show April, Joss, Savi, and Karen attended at the beginning of season 2. After showing a strong attraction to her during the event, they discussed their common interest in art. April was then invited to Daniel’s apartment where the two had sex. A few days after finding her earring Daniel called April and when going to retrieve it, they had intercourse again. Since April’s daughter, Lucy, was at camp for two days, April stayed with Daniel for the duration of Lucy’s trip. April and Daniel slept together multiple times, including having sex on a canvas, which resulted in a painting that Daniel later gifted to April. Whilst looking at a picture of a beautiful house in Vermont, Daniel explained that the house belonged to his mother who had once been a maid in the house and the owner left it to her in a will. He then reveals that his mother passed away. When April was getting ready to leave she had to explain to Daniel that she was going to pick Lucy up, Daniel looked upset and then said he had to go to Vermont for a week.

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Daniel and AprilEdit

Daniel and April met at a pop-up art gallery. He invites her to his place to come and look at his work. April goes there, and the two end up sleeping together. A little while later April spends 48 hours at his place before he takes off to Vermont for a week.

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