Josslyn Carver is Savi’s free spirit sister. She’s a real estate agent who is sleeping with her married boss. Well, they don’t really sleep. It’s all sex. That’s the way Joss likes it. Why else would she order her illicit lover to never leave his wife? Josslyn is trying to sell a house to a lesbian couple. Her bossman lover offers to make the home she’s trying to sell their own personal love nest. The place is gorgeous, but the lesbian couple won’t be moving in anytime soon. Neither will Josslyn out of fear of becoming a kept woman. She, instead, moves in to big sis Savi’s pool house.

The Morning After

Savi is feeling the aftershocks of cheating on her husband. She’s in no mood for wild club tales from Josslyn, who is walking around in her Thor’s sister outfit. Apparently, it’s very hard to dance with hammer in hand. Karen advises Savi to take a beat before going forward with her plan to tell Harry that she was unfaithful. She wants her to be sure this won’t happen again. As for Harry, Josslyn gives him advice on how to make things right with her sis. He needs to make an effort to talk with her. Josslyn makes lunch plans with Alex, who is one half of the lesbian couple she’s been showing houses to lately. They chat about their very different takes on relationships. Josslyn convinces Alex to check out a great house without her significant other. The two ladies do a little snooping while in the place to find a kinky Japanese bondage rope. Naturally, they decide to take for a little fully-clothed test drive. Josslyn uses the rope in a more naked manner on a guy when she gets home, but her experiment gets put on pause when Alex calls. The two ladies chat while Josslyn’s bound-up bed buddy looks on in disbelief.

Breaking and Entering

Josslyn’s real estate firm is bought out by a suave Frenchman named Olivier Dubois. The guy is oozes indifference towards her. He lets Joss know that it’ll take more than a low-cut dress to impress him. This was never the case with her old boss. Joss believes there’s hope that her new boss isn’t gay when he invites her to dinner at a hotel. However, Olivier doesn’t have romance on his mind. He wants Joss to know that he’s redistributing her long list of accounts unless she can sell a bizarro house above the Sunset Strip. Joss decides to embrace the gaudiness of the place by throwing a trendy open house party.

A Kiss is Just a Kiss?

Joss is becoming very chummy with her lady-loving client, Alex. She’s shocked to learn that her new BFF was once into guys. Joss admits that she’s been in threesomes, but has never had a girlfriend. In fact, she’s never had many “girl” friends either. That’s only because she tends to sleep with their boyfriends. It happens. Alex’s main lady, Sally, thanks Joss for keeping Alex busy. This busy work includes attending lesbian parties together. Joss tries to be a good wing-woman when she poses as Alex’s girlfriend. She plants a kiss on her gal pal. This makes Alex very uncomfortable. She rushes out of the party.

Decisions, Decisions

Alex lets Joss know that she officially broke up with Sally. She needs help moving her stuff into her new place. That’s what friends are for, right? Apparently, they are also for saving water. Joss is initially stunned when the door to her shower opens. A naked Alex stands on the other side asking to join her. Joss lets out a slight approving smile as her friend steps inside. The shower continues to stream as the two ladies slowly close in on each other for a passionate kiss. Steam fills the room as the hot water cascades down the naked, embracing bodies inside.

Things are awkward for Joss after the shower adventure, but Alex lets her know that she’s not gay because of what they did. They agree that it was just a fun thing between friends. Harry doesn’t see it that way. Joss gets a lecture from him about the choices she makes. Sally also gives her something to think about as well when she claims that Alex has fallen for her. This has Joss avoiding her gal pal to have sex with a hot, dumb guy who loves watching cartoons. That’s not working for her though. Joss skips out on cartoon boy to hang with Alex at her new place.


Olivier knows that Joss is the ringleader when all of his employees invade his office to sneak a peek at the porno flick being shot in the building across the street. Nevertheless, he makes everyone work late as punishment. He also instructs Joss to get a listing from a difficult Italian couple. Joss does a Google search to get the scoop on her new boss. The only thing she really learns is that he eats a banana a day to keep up his potassium level. Compelling stuff.

Olivier lets Joss know that she’s the type of person who thinks that the rules don’t apply to her. He didn’t have to Google her to find that out. Later, Olivier opens his office cabinet to find hundreds of bananas inside. There’s a note stating that it’s for his potassium levels. Olivier can’t help but laugh at the prank. In other news, Joss finds a baby book amongst her sister’s stuff. She jazzed to learn that she’s going to be an aunt. Then she discovers that her sis has been keeping lots of other secrets from her. This leads to a big blowout that ends with Joss feeling very, very hurt.

All In

After her blowout with Savi, Joss moves in with April. She’s thrown for a bit of a curveball when she realizes her boss, Olivier, is interested in Alex. Joss gets a little tipsy during happy hour. She gets into a tiff with Alex after trying to use her to turn on some guys in the bar. Joss apologizes later and opens up about the fight she had with her sis. Alex wants her gal pal to know that she’s there for her. So is April, who wants her to make amends with Savi. Joss isn’t ready for that, but she is ready to move in with Alex for awhile.


Joss and Alex run into Sally and her new girlfriend, Story (like a bedtime story). Things are awkward to say the least. Alex is upset to learn that Sally and Story are in a serious relationship. Joss tries to make her feel better with some passionate kisses. Things are awkward the next day. Alex doesn’t think that the two of them can be friends because she has feelings for her. Joss tries to talk to Savi about this crisis, but her big sis can’t talk about this at the office. So she talks to Olivier, who advises her to not quit. That’s why Joss lets Alex know that she’s willing to go for a full-on relationship with her.

Guess Who's Coming To Dinner

Savi and Joss’s free-spirited mom, Janet, pops in unexpectedly for a visit. Joss is thrilled that her mom is in town. Savi, on the other hand, is more reserved in her reaction. She has a lot going on. She still hasn’t opened the envelope with the results of the paternity test. Savi also has memories of a childhood where she was the one caring for Joss while her mom led a life of leisure.

There’s still lots of tension between Savi and Joss, but they put aside their differences long enough to have lunch with mommy. Janet has to be reminded about the significance of the necklace her youngest daughter is wearing. It’s the gift she got for Joss for her 7th birthday. Janet drops the bombshell that she’s moving to Rio. Joss wants to throw her mom a going away party with a Brazilian theme. As for Savi, she’s reluctant to open up about her life even though Janet promises she won’t judge. How could she? After all, this is a woman who got pregnant with Joss by a man other than Savi’s dad.

Joss invites herself to Rio to help her mom get set up. Savi lets Janet know that she’s the one who gave Joss that necklace. Savi used all of her savings to buy it because she knew her mom would forget while she was off gallivanting in the Caribbean. Unbeknownst to Savi, Joss overhears the entire brutal conversation.

The next morning, Janet her daughter know that she thinks she is a woman of great character who is facing a mistake. Later, Joss is anxiously waiting for her mom so they can head off to Rio. Unfortunately, Janet has decided that Diego the hot bartender would make for a better traveling companion. Joss is crushed. Fortunately, her big sister is there for her, just like she’s always been. Now Savi needs Joss to do something for her. She wants her to hold onto the sealed paternity results for her. There’s no good answer inside. There’s no one she trusts to hold onto the envelope more than her little sis.

Indecent Proposals


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