Richard Grieco
Richard Mistresses
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Relationships Information

April Malloy (ex-girlfriend)


April Malloy


Paul Malloy

Professional Information

Sports writer

Character Information
First Appearance


Last Appearance

I Choose You



Portrayed By

Cameron Bender

Richard is a recurring character in Season One of Mistresses. He is a sports writer, and the father of one of Lucy's friends Madison. He dated April Malloy untill they broke up in I Choose You.

Background Edit

Richard has a young daughter named Madison. They meet at a playdate, and later meet in April's store again. After several (failed) attempts at a first date, they get together after all. They spend a night in April's store, and shortly after began to think of telling their daughters. Before a trip to Six Flags they break up, after Paul being a disturbing factor in their relationship. They un-break up in the amusement park. Later, April breaks things off again as well as she sends Paul back to his Mistress, craving a fresh new start.

Personality Edit

Richard is very successful and warm, yet sending somewhat mixed emotional messages. We later discover this might be connecte to his ex-wife, who abandonned him and his daughter. He is a good father overall.

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