The Morning After
Season 1, Episode 2
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June 10, 2013

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The Morning After is the second episode of the first season and the 2nd overall episode of Mistresses.


Karen thinks Savi should hold off on telling Harry about her night with Dominic, but gets an entirely different reaction from April. Joss befriends a new client, April investigates a woman's shocking claims about her late husband, and Karen agrees to meet with Sam.


Savi is feeling the aftershocks of cheating on her husband. She’s in no mood for wild club tales from Josslyn, who is walking around in her Thor’s sister outfit. Apparently, it’s very hard to dance with hammer in hand. Karen advises Savi to take a beat before going forward with her plan to tell Harry that she was unfaithful. She wants her to be sure this won’t happen again. As for Harry, Josslyn gives him advice on how to make things right with her sis. He needs to make an effort to talk with her.

Savi lets Dominic know that what happened between them was a mistake. She loves her husband. Dominic respects that, but he also reminds Savi that she’s the one who kissed him first. There’s tension in the office when Harry shows up to apologize. He lets his wife know that their fertility issues aren’t as dire as he thought. They can keep trying. Savi can’t deal with this at the moment. She has a meeting with Elizabeth Grey, who is being hassled by an insurance investigator regarding her husband’s death. That same investigator also questions Karen about her deceased patient.

April clues in her friends about the news that her deceased husband, Paul, may have had a baby with another woman. There’s a chance this Miranda woman is running a scam, but Paul used to stay at the Orlando hotel where she works. April can’t understand how someone would cheat. That’s why she’s furious at Savi when she learns that she’s a cheater, too. April does a stakeout on Miranda’s motel. She sees her loading her son into a yellow SUV, but doesn’t approach her. She later finds an auto dealer’s business card amongst her hubby’s things. A call to the place reveals that Paul purchased the yellow SUV.

Karen is doing her best to avoid Sam Grey. Her colleague, Jacob, advises her to deal with her problem head on. Karen meets with Sam. She feels it’s harmless since the kid is going back to school soon. They have a pleasant conversation that ends after Sam accidentally spills a beverage on Karen’s dress. Oops! Sam shows up at the office offering to pay for the dry cleaning. Karen goes off on him. She makes it clear that she doesn’t want to see him again. A dejected Sam says “no problem” before exiting out the door.

Josslyn makes lunch plans with Alex, who is one half of the lesbian couple she’s been showing houses to lately. They chat about their very different takes on relationships. Josslyn convinces Alex to check out a great house without her significant other. The two ladies do a little snooping while in the place to find a kinky Japanese bondage rope. Naturally, they decide to take for a little fully-clothed test drive. Josslyn uses the rope in a more naked manner on a guy when she gets home, but her experiment gets put on pause when Alex calls. The two ladies chat while Josslyn’s bound-up bed buddy looks on in disbelief.

April learns that Miranda wants money from her. She wants her son to have the same kind of life her former lover’s legitimate daughter has. April confides in Karen because she’s still angry at Savi. Both ladies have conflicted feelings of how they should be grieving. As for Savi, she has a heart-to-heart with Harry. It’s all about putting their plans to have a baby on hold. Savi doesn’t mention Dominic, who happens to be the incoming caller on her cell phone. She ignores the call choosing to make love to her husband instead.


Joss's Blog - Sexting NightmaresEdit

According to moi, sexting is one of life's greatest gifts and getting a quick pic of one of my newest fling's best assets always makes my day... or night. Of course, it can be a tad dangerous nowadays, but I like to live on the edge. Otherwise, what's the point? One time I accidently sexted Savi a pic of my boob... twice atually. What do you think?

French kisses


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