The day is almost here, Mistresses fans! The premiere of ABC's Mistresses will be airing this coming Monday and we'll finally see what happens with Savi Davis, Josselyn Carver, Karen Rhodes, and April Molloy! Before we start the season off, how about some predictions about what's to come? Check out some predictions we have below, and share your own in the comments!

  • Pretty sure this pilot episode will just be laying the groundwork for the season, but methinks that we will see bits of each woman's past and the status of their relationships in present day.
  • Friend fights. It seems like these women are gathering after some time apart so, while they are rekindling their friendship, we're predicting some big fights will come up in the future. DRAMA is coming!!
  • It looks like Savi's affairs will be the most hard to cover up since she is the only one with a husband. From teasers, Savi looks like she'll be juggling her husband, her partner, and her boss all at once!
  • Josselyn is the partier/relationship free woman, but we're predicting that she'll get caught up with a guy that she can't get over OR we will find out why she doesn't want to get tied down. Perhaps a mysterious secret in her past?
  • Spoiler: Karen had an affair with one of her patients that passed away, but she gets involved with his son. Since his mother is included in the cast credits, we're predicting family drama as the secrets come out!
  • What is going to happen with April?? She's getting weird phone calls that she thinks are a sign she should not be dating after her husband died a few years ago, but who's behind them? Is this going to be some weird P.S. I Love You story or will it be weirder?

That's all the predictions we have for you, but feel free to share what you think will happen in the comments below, and let's see what happens!

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