Mistresses finally premiered on ABC last night, but the numbers don't look too good so far! An adaptation of a British series, Mistresses features four beautiful women who are, or eventually become, "mistresses." One can only assume that this is supposed to fill the void that Desperate Housewives left, but what did you think of the premiere?

Mistresses karen

In the pilot episode, things were set up for the rest of the season, and we were introduced to each of the women and their problems. Karen Rhodes, the psychologist, gets in trouble when the son of her patient who she was having an affair with asks her out after she lies about not being his father's mistress. April Molloy thinks her dead husband is contacting her, but then she meets the woman in the hotel room who was sleeping with April’s husband and was pregnant when he was killed!

Josselyn Carver is apparently having a good time not being in a relationship with anyone, but she is having money troubles.
Mistresses aprilsavi
Then, you have her sister Savi Davis who is having marital troubles and ends up sleeping with a coworker!

The first episode of Mistresses already had enough drama to set up for an interesting season, but the question is whether or not people will take some time to watch even five minutes of it! It's gotten some pretty terrible reviews like this one from Wall Street Journal that says, "“Mistresses “is cotton candy television, somewhat sexy and desperately trying to be serious. But there’s more honesty and emotion in an episode of “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” than there is in this Monday night filler." Ouch!

The premise of Mistresses is interesting because it looks at infidelity from all different angles, but here's to hoping it lasts long enough on our televisions for us to find out how things end for our leading ladies!

Source: Wall Street Journal

What did you think of the premier of "Mistresses"?

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